Public Service Pensions Fund

About Us

Legal Framework
The Public Service Pensions Fund is a social security scheme established by Public Service Retirement Benefits Act No. 2 of 1999. The main purpose is to provide for collection of contributions and payment of terminal benefits to members. The Fund is operated under two different schemes known as PSPF Main Scheme and PSPF Supplementary Scheme of which membership is voluntary.

Membership to the Fund is open to any person who has been employed in the formal and informal sector. Previously, the Fund was established to manage benefit scheme. However, amendments made by law extended membership of the scheme to include employees of formal and informal sector who are not registered under any other scheme. The aim for amendments is to extend social security services to everyone.

The Scheme
The Fund is operating two schemes; the main scheme and the supplementary scheme and each one has its own terms.  The former is a defined benefit social security scheme operating on social insurance principles while the latter is a defined contribution scheme.  

To be the provider of choice of Social Security Services in the country

To provide competitive Social Security Services to our members using dedicated staff and appropriate technology.

Core Values
The Fund will provide services to its members, stakeholders and the general public while observing the following guiding principles:
o    Accountability
o    Responsibility
o    Responsiveness
o    Integrity
o    Diligence
o    Transparency
o    Courtesy to all
These values form foundation on which the Fund will conduct and perform its duties.

Business Slogan
"PSPF - For Peace of Mind"

Benefits Conferred Under the Schemes
The main scheme offers the following benefits:
o    Old Age benefits
o    Death benefits
o    Invalidity benefits
o    Funeral Grants
o    Withdrawal in respect of marriage, maternity, emigration.

The supplementary scheme offers the following benefits:
o    Education benefits
o    Entrepreneurial Support Benefits
o    Retirement Benefits
o    Death Benefits
o    Invalidity Benefit and
o    Withdrawal Benefits

Other services offered include:

o    Housing loan facility to members who have at most five years before statutory retirement in which then Fund advances up to 50% of the member's gratuity calculated at the time of application.

o    PSPF Houses which are open for sale to the public.  At the moment, the available houses are located in Morogoro, Tabora, Mtwara, Shinyanga and Dar es Salaam. The Fund is aiming to build low cost houses in all regions in Tanzania.

o    PSPF members who have contributed to the Fund for not less than five years equivalent to 60 months may benefit from mortgage facility as they are guaranteed by the Fund to secure a housing loan at a rate of 12% from Azania Bank, Exim Bank and CRDB. The loan is repaid on monthly basis for a period up to 25 years.

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